VLE could charge as per the local market value of the course from the candidate. Course fees vary from city to city.

CAD course is available in English language only.

There is huge requirements of CAD+3D Printer expert in n number of companies:

  • Construction Companies
  • Manufacturing and Production Companies
  • Automobile Companies
  • Art and Design Companies
  • Jewelry, furniture Companies
  • Training Companies

CAD content and practice software requires 20GB free space in hard disk.

Respective VLE’s can contact at helpdesk or write us at skills@csc.gov.in

Candidates can become eligible to apply for the following jobs

  • CAD Draftsman, CAD Designer, CAD Trainer
  • 3D Rendering Artist/Visualizer
  • Interior Designer, CAD Draftsman Civil, manufacturing, drafting, architectural, graphic,3D print of jewelry, furniture, or sculptures
  • Art Installation Designer, CAD& 3D Printer Operator and CAD& 3D Printer Counselor

Target audience will beup to 8th class students to normal graduate students, ITI students, Diploma students, Engineering students (BTech, MTech)

Yes,depends on the type of material we use for manufacturing products using 3D printers.

VLE’s can create model for themselves or for other customers.

Starting price of 3D Printer is 12k. It Varey model to model.