Basic Computer Course (BCC)

CSC SPV has launched a new programme, “Basic Computer Course (BCC)”. The programme offers basic computer training to equip a person to use computers in day-to-day life for professional and personal use. After completing the course, the person will be computer literate and will be able to:

  • Acquire confidence in using computer techniques available to users
  • Recognize the basic components of computers and terminology
  • Understand data, information and file management
  • Create documents using Word Processor, Spreadsheet & Presentation Software
  • Browse the internet, search information, use email and collaborate with peers
  • Use e-Governance applications
  • Use computer to improve existing skills and learn new skills.

Key Features of BCC Course

  • Simulated hands-on training with real-life scenarios.
  • Continuous assessment after every module instead of one-time examination.
  • The certificate will be issued by CSC Academy after successful completion of Course.

Duration: 36 hours
Eligibility: Open to All

Course content is provided Online after the successful payment.

Registration process

  • Visit our URL:
  • In Education click on Basic computer Course
  • After clicking on Basic computer Course fill the details for the centre.
  • You will receive the Id and password from CSC Academy
  • After login with the Id and password your CSC Academy dashboard will be appearing.
  • For register the student click on BCC course after that click on Add Student.
  • Fill the require details and pay the fee.
  • Id and password will show in your screen.