1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the World’s largest and cost-effective Online Learning platform. It is one place where candidate can get access to a plethora of courses i.e the range of courses available on Udemy is vast. We can find courses on technical, management, hobbies, academic and various other subjects.

Key Features –

Wide Range of Course Offerings- Udemy currently offers 15 major categories of courses ranging from software development to music, with up to 15 subcategories under each main category.

No Prequalification Necessary to Take Any Course. Students can take any course that might interest them.

Viewable on All Internet-Connected Devices. Courses can be viewed on desktop and portable computers, as well as tablets and smartphones.

Immediate Access. Upon enrollment, students have instant access to the courses they have chosen, since all course materials – PDFs, financial templates, guidelines, and checklists – are prerecorded and electronically available for easy download to any electronic device.

Learn at your own pace.Each course consists of video lectures in lengths ranging from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. When watching the lectures, students can stop and replay all or part as many times as they want. Courses generally include a series of interim quizzes so that students can gauge their mastery of the materials.

Certificate of Completion. Many courses award certificates of completion

Instructor and Student Feedback. Courses generally have an accompanying discussion board that allows students to post comments, questions, or problems where the instructor and other students can see and respond to them directly online.

Upgrade your knowledge – In today ‘s business technology changes very fast, Candidate can use udemy to upgrade the knowledge to remain technically competent in the fast changing business world.

e.g if you work in Data Science projects, then you can take courses on machine learning or Artificial Intelligence.

Developing Hobbies – If you want to learn something just as a hobby then this is one of the best platform. You could choose anything like yoga, dancing, playing guitar etc. you will get professional guidance to improve your knowledge and skills.

2. Professional online courses with Symbiosis

CSC Academy has partnered with Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, for its various AICTE approved online Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Information Technology Management, Insurance Management, Retail Management, Creative English writing, etc. An illustrative list of programs is as follows:

MANAGEMENT Post Graduate Diploma in

  • Business Administration (Specialization in Marketing/Finance/Operations/ HR/CRM/Management Accounting)
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Retail Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business and Corporate Laws
  • Project Management
  • Media and Event Management
  • Banking and Finance
  • Insurance Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Export and Import Management
  • Labour Laws and Employee Relation
  • Renewable Energy Management

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Post Graduate Diploma in:

  • IT Management
  • Data Science and Statistics
  • Technical Writing in Business Mgmt.

EDUCATION, HUMANITIES Post Graduate Diploma in:

  • Educational Administration
  • School Counselling
  • Pre-Primary Teachers Training
  • Instructional Design