Computer Aided Design (Solid edge)

CSC SPV has collaborated with SIEMENS to provide opportunities in field of advanced skills using Solid Edge: A Siemens PLM Software. The course is designed for youth to solve real life design problems with streamline creation. Candidates become eligible after this course for job roles like: 2D CAD Draftsman, 3D Rendering Artist/Visualizer, Interior Designer, CAD Draftsman Civil, Art Installation Designer, CAD Operator and CAD Counsellor.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)& 3D Printing

The first integrated course designed by CSC Academy for the training on 2D, 3D design which helps to read technical drawings & designing parts, create industrial components, convert their creative and innovative ideas into reality with the designing tools like CAD. Before manufacturing a solid three-dimensional part, the digital file of that part is designed using CAD tools.

3D Printing printer takes digital input in the form of Computer Aided Design (CAD) model and creates solid, three dimensional parts through an additive, layer by layer process.

Cyber Security Professional Basic Course

In today’s unprecedented situation when everyone is vulnerable to a cyber-attack, deprives organizations to access the devices, data or internet. This could be devastating and even deadly. Cyber-attacks could cause widespread infrastructure failures that take entire communities or cities offline, obstructing public systems, healthcare providers and networks.

Cyber Security Course as a right offering to serve citizens in this time of need. The right offering would include the following useful learning: Cyber Security, Cyberspace, Endpoint Security, Calculations - Computation – Communications, Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Basic Threats and Vulnerabilities, Phishing, Whaling, Baiting, Pretexting, Email Spoofing, Malware Threats, Trends in Cyber threats &attacks, Ransomware etc

Introduction to Computer Hardware & Troubleshooting

The objective of this course is to provide much needed skilling on computer hardware and how to install & support common computer hardware. Enabling them to identify, troubleshoot and rectify the computer hardware related problems. With the help of this course the participant would be able to understand the hardware specifications that are required to run operating system and other required application programs. Leading Industry partners associated with CSC are Intel, HP, Samsung, i-ball and many more.

Assistant Motorcycle Mechanic

CSC SPV has tied up with Hero Moto Corp and TVS Motors for skilling and skill up-gradation of youth working in the automotive sector. The course is designed for youth to know- how the motorcycle engines are put together, disassemble and reassemble to identify and fix engine problems. Practical/On job training after successful completion of e-skilling happens at authorized workshops of Industry partners within learner’s locality.

Electrician Foundation

This course helps to create, maintain& repair the electronic components and equipments used in any home appliance, machine or device that involves electricity. It also covers safety precautions with fire ceasing equipments, domestic wiring, circuits and earthing, use of electrical symbols and drawings. Leading Industry partners associated with CSC are Schneider, Crompton, light and many more.

Digital Wellness

Digital Wellness course has been designed to provide the adequate knowledge of handling the digital devices in a safe way. It covers the fundamentals of cyber ethics, cyber security terminologies used in the industry, identification of various threats and precautions, learning about internet etiquettes and behavior, Importance of security on mobile and other devices.